Skimming, but Wanting More

Life is moving faster. There is more to sift through. Are we skimming life? I remember being in high school and we had to read 'the whole book' as the teacher described the assignment. Fear, trepidation and fatigue set in almost immediately. Procrastination would ensue. Panic would rise up the day before the deadline. Cliff [...]

End It

There are more slaves on the planet right now - then ever before in history. = 27 Million people still in slavery = 80%women, 50% children In the words of "Si" Robertson (Duck Dynasty): "that's a fact, Jack" And that is NOT right. Let's End It. Watch this video - click here Stay informed. Get Involved. Do what [...]

Set the DVR

Yes, I'm encouraging you to watch TV. I do. I'm setting my DVR the next few Sunday evenings and will watch something with my family leading up to Easter. We'll have some conversations around it... Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel's Roma Downey, have produced The Bible, an epic retelling [...]


I'm not a big promoter of political agenda or action items.  I don't believe in using this blog to promote political opinion or strategy. I firmly believe that folks should vote their conscience.  This post is a short and sweet reminder to just VOTE.  Whatever your view, the beauty is that you have a vote.  [...]


Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on this day (Sept. 22) in 1862, declaring the freedom of all slaves in the Confederate States. It set in motion the wheels that would eventually lead to freedom for thousands upon thousands. There was another proclamation that was given a long time ago - that set in motion [...]