Fight Back With Joy

We all have people that are good friends and they encourage us. There are others that just simply bless you with their presence. There are also people around us that inspire to be more. Sometimes God combines all three into one. I’m so excited for you to hear from a friend of mine that is an […]

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You’re Invited

We all like to be invited. It’s that time you got the invite to the birthday party from that person that made you feel special. You were valued, noticed and taken thought of. Included. Church is the party that you’re invited to every week! At Elements, we’ve got some great leaders who are dedicated to […]

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Listen More

The following is a simple concept, but one that is life-giving. To you and others. It’s one that can revolutionize your relationships. It can be said in a sentence, but takes a lifetime of practice to fully engage in well. If you want to have better friendships. If you want to be a better leader. […]

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Summer Reading

From time to time I’m asked the question of ‘what are you reading?’ So, here’s a list of what I’m up to in the next couple months – some summer reading. I’d love to have you add your suggestions in the comments if ya want to help me compile a list others might find helpful. […]

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Skimming, but Wanting More

Life is moving faster. There is more to sift through. Are we skimming life? I remember being in high school and we had to read ‘the whole book’ as the teacher described the assignment. Fear, trepidation and fatigue set in almost immediately. Procrastination would ensue. Panic would rise up the day before the deadline. Cliff […]

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End It

There are more slaves on the planet right now – then ever before in history. = 27 Million people still in slavery = 80%women, 50% children In the words of “Si” Robertson (Duck Dynasty): “that’s a fact, Jack” And that is NOT right. Let’s End It. Watch this video – click here Stay informed. Get Involved. Do what […]

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Set the DVR

Yes, I’m encouraging you to watch TV. I do. I’m setting my DVR the next few Sunday evenings and will watch something with my family leading up to Easter. We’ll have some conversations around it… Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel’s Roma Downey, have produced The Bible, an epic retelling […]

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Merry Christmas 2012

It’s the evening now. The meals have been packed away and wrapping paper all picked up. It’s been a great day with family. I hope yours has been equally as fulfilling. It’s Christmas – a day we gather to celebrate together. A day we gather to remember the significance of a birth so long ago. […]

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1 Minute Online

I found this info graphic on another pastor’s blog last week – Brandon Cox and was so struck by it. It’s the assessment of the internet usage and activity during a ONE minute interval. As you see it – it might shock you, it might stun you, you might simply see it as another piece […]

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I’m not a big promoter of political agenda or action items.  I don’t believe in using this blog to promote political opinion or strategy. I firmly believe that folks should vote their conscience.  This post is a short and sweet reminder to just VOTE.  Whatever your view, the beauty is that you have a vote.  […]

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Memorial ~ Remembering

This weekend we set our hearts toward gathering with friends or family. Maybe in the hustle of our day, we could be prone to forget. Let’s not. This Memorial Day Weekend – we pause to remember those who have given so much to protect our freedom that we enjoy.  They have given the ultimate sacrifice.  […]

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“the” day

There comes that one day a year that the moment happens. You know the one I’m talking about, because you encounter that same moment yourself.  Day of Birth.  On this day comes the well wishes, the cheers or tongue in cheek jokes (depending on the number of days that have followed your original day of […]

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V-Day …a true day of love

V-Day: usually referes to valentines day – a day of love…but why not Veteran’s Day?  Veteran’s day is truly a day of love. A day to embrace & be embraced by a love that some men & woman – I may never meet – love enough to serve & sacrifice on my behalf. A day that reminds me of […]

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Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on this day (Sept. 22) in 1862, declaring the freedom of all slaves in the Confederate States. It set in motion the wheels that would eventually lead to freedom for thousands upon thousands. There was another proclamation that was given a long time ago – that set in motion […]

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