Fight Back With Joy

We all have people that are good friends and they encourage us. There are others that just simply bless you with their presence. There are also people around us that inspire to be more. Sometimes God combines all three into one. I’m so excited for you to hear from a friend of mine that is an […]

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Never Absent

“Out of sight, out of mind.” That’s how the saying goes. When something or someone is not visible, active or heard from, then they must be gone and thus we don’t focus or consider them. But is that really true? Remember the times following the concert where the crowd cheers, yells and claps until the band […]

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Give Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Week. I hope you, with friends and family, have a great time celebrating together with good food and fun. In this season, our minds tend to contemplate some things we’re thankful for, so here’s 10 Scriptures that can help center a thankful heart. Let them stir you to Give Thanks. May you have a “Thanks-filled” […]

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Listen as God calls you out and toward new adventures in each new day you’re given. FOLLOW. Jesus simple invite was: “Follow Me” The joy and adventure of life is found in following after God and walking with him…as he leads. Each day can become predictable, routine and mundane if we allow it. If we […]

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The Labeling Effect

Labels are a part of life. From labels on clothing, to labels we use to organize our files, to the labels on jars, bottles and cans. There’s labels we assign to products and services giving our approval or disappointment. We navigate relationships by assigning labels to people’s character and interactions. We can’t help but label […]

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No Birdcages

The freedom that God provides is one that  unlocks the cage. It sets people free. I was reading from a great past Christian writer, these words. May they speak freedom into your life as well. The Spirit of God is always the spirit of liberty; the spirit that is not of God is the spirit […]

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You’re Invited

We all like to be invited. It’s that time you got the invite to the birthday party from that person that made you feel special. You were valued, noticed and taken thought of. Included. Church is the party that you’re invited to every week! At Elements, we’ve got some great leaders who are dedicated to […]

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Be Quick

Be Quick. It seems to be the normal pace of life. Quick to go do. Quick to read through. Quick to share our opinion. Quick to move on. But in reading through James with my Egroup guys, we’re being reminded what the greatest tip toward ‘quickness’ is to God. James 1:19-20 says this: 19 My dear […]

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Celebration City

We’re celebrating that we got to play a small part in the BIG work God is up to across our city. Praying for MORE… the best is yet to come! Take a minute and watch this update: Celebration of School Impact 2014 from Jack Schull on Vimeo.

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Pursue Wisdom

Our lives are full of pursuits. Some are simple pursuits, some are epic. Some are mundane and everyday that simply enhance our existence. Others actually help us build our story. We grow up seeking all kinds of things. It’s part of the motor that moves our lives… Maybe we pursue our deepest and longest lingering dreams. Maybe it’s the body […]

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Quick: can you name 5 things you’re thankful/grateful for? Chances are – we’re more easily prepared to name 5 things we’re longing / wishing for. Why is that? In the Scriptures, there is this theme of GRATITUDE that is all over the place. One might say that as followers of God we’re to have an […]

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Listen More

The following is a simple concept, but one that is life-giving. To you and others. It’s one that can revolutionize your relationships. It can be said in a sentence, but takes a lifetime of practice to fully engage in well. If you want to have better friendships. If you want to be a better leader. […]

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Summer Reading

From time to time I’m asked the question of ‘what are you reading?’ So, here’s a list of what I’m up to in the next couple months – some summer reading. I’d love to have you add your suggestions in the comments if ya want to help me compile a list others might find helpful. […]

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Maybe you’ve been driving down the road and taken your hands off the wheel. You know you shouldn’t. But you gave into the internal voice that bet you to see if you could drive straight for more than 20 feet. Only to notice that you car pulls to the left/right with great force. What do […]


Healthy Love

We launched a new series about this Crazy Little Thing Called Love last weekend. Looking into love, relationships, marriage and more. So much of our lives revolves around love or the pursuit and desire for it. You’ll be able to watch my message here I love helping people grow in their relationships because they are […]

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