No Reserves

Often, we can get caught up in approaching life with a sense of reservation.

New circumstances – New scenarios can stir a cause for caution.

But as we read the words of Christ to take his message – his love into all the world (Matthew 28), it’s a call toward forward motion. His calling isn’t an invitation to the status quo – it’s an invitation to live on the GO…

His invitation is one of enfolding us into a movement. The “church” is that – A Divine Movement.

It’s not a building. It’s certainly more than a service someone attends.

We as followers of Christ – the ones who have surrendered their lives to following his life, his example and his guidance – are to live for a greater story than simply one we can create. We are to give our lives over to something grand and divine in nature. We are enlisted into the movement of Jesus and his life-changing love and truth.

I resonate with the words of an earlier missionary – William Borden.

He wrote in his Bible 3 simple – 2 word phrases. These captured his resolve to follow and to live on the GO for God as he set out to take the hope of God to far away lands. He walked away from family fortune in order to pursue a kingdom treasure that would outlive him. (read about his life here)

“No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets” ~William Borden

We are the church. You. Me.

We are the ones who are to go and take the message of God’s love through Christ to every corner of the world and into every context in our neighborhoods. There is no Plan B.

There are no other reserves waiting in the wings to take the mission if you and I don’t. There is no room for retreat or to shy away from our mission. There are no regrets that should sideline us. Grace can pull us up and get us back in the game.

God has commissioned the church to reflect Him to the world.

That’s you. That’s me.

We need to love and clearly communicate, so that He can be clearly known and loved.

As Bill Hybels has said, “The church is the hope of the world.” (we sure have had our failures – but we are to be closely following our Savior and Lord so that we accurately and genuinely reflect him to a watching and waiting world.)

As a follower of Christ – you’re invited to live as a giver of hope, a dispenser of God’s grace and an ambassador of his love.

We are Plan A. There is no Plan B.

May we live with the mindset of: “No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets”

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