Why Prayer Matters

Prayer matters.


What’s the role of prayer in our life?

For some it’s seen as a life-saver – literally – they give it a toss whenever tragedy or crisis occur and are reaching out for God to intervene. For others, they roll through prayer as they would a Skype call to a distant relative with updates on all that is happening and filling in the other with the major news and notes of life right now. Prayer for others is a flow of thought, conversation and interaction as we hurry about our day and activities under the sun, but trying to keep God at the center of it all.

We can pray throughout our day – and we should. We’re invited to pray without ceasing.

But the danger in only making prayer a “pray as you go” kind of thing: is that real relationships don’t deepen by a ‘drive-by’ approach and practice. Social media keeps us factually informed by simple posts, but let’s be real: our relationships never deepen simply by knowing about someone.

There is a big difference between knowing about someone and really knowing someone.

A friend posted a reminder recently from my pastor growing up: Dr. Roger Barrier where he shared a thought that may spark a deeper reminder of why prayer really matters.

Why we need to be a people that seek to not merely engage in prayer, but enrich our lives via prayer. Ultimately, prayer is about connection with God. Talking, yes. Listening, yes. Soaking one another in, yes. Proximity of hearts, thoughts and understanding. It’s not only around information and knowing about – it’s about knowing. Prayer is ALWAYS about deepening your connection and relationship with God.

“God never reveals the deep things of the Spirit to the man who just drops by for a little chat.”  ~Dr. Roger Barrier

Pray as you go through life. Sometimes stop to pray. Don’t let prayer slip into only a ‘drive-by’ informational exchange and update for your Creator who longs to connect with you and for you to know Him.

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